Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bodyline Maid Outfit

BodyLine items arrived this morning~ *scream with sharp voice* And now let's see the procedure of how I "touch" my stuffs XD
The box~
Ngek ngek ngek.....*evil laugh*
*Flip* and then I noticed the back...haha
*open* >8 l
And this is how it's like inside~ But seems like sudah terbalik when I flip it XD
First, take out the shoe box~
White Loli Socks~
And then this is how it looks like... Urgh..I saw the maid costume ady~! >< *sabar..sabar....*
Maid's head dress~
And it comes with a black pannier~ Aiyakk, now got 2 panniers ady X3
And also a pair of black socks
And now, shoes~ wah.., have been waiting eagerly ><
And tadaa~ ^^
And the awaited moment is finally here...depicting my first maid costume ><
Teehee... >D
and an useful item~ Tide to go pen...myon~from aiko desu~

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