Tuesday, June 16, 2009


School stories again..haha
Today, Mr Sanjit Singh, teacher in charge of prefectorial board, came up to me and said "Girl, come with me."
Whoakay... what? What? Then he continued, "You were in drama team in your former school, right? I need your help to direct actors in our team. Is there any other students who were also in drama? How many?"
Then, called my other kaki(s) all.. Wah, drag them just like that =.=
After that, Mr. Sanjit brought us to lab and briefed us about their drama storyline. Then went to school hall to see them practice. And wanted us to comment and direct.
*Wah..from drama queen to director XD*

Basically the story was about a family, and the grandpa came and live with them, but daughter-in-law dislike it. But the son and grandson welcome grandpa very much. So..send grandpa to old folks home, and then grandson protest it indirectly.. Dont want eat la, this and that..
like that lor... Malas nak tulis.. xp

We found out that the daughter-in-law/Wifey, acted by boy (lolz..boys' school ma), was too rough.. Aiyo ma..... Stupid cilaka, too manly ady..and more than manly actually... *head-desk*. The son okok la..but when talking to grandpa, hand gesture like rapping aje.. Grandson no comment; very okay,but not good enough. Grandpa too fake, supposed to be a sick old man.. Haha, at least cough like wanna die la.. >_>"

Mr. Sanjit allowed us to "direct", so we did all we could..lolz.. Including;
-changing character roles XD
-edit script
-bising bising

That's all fer school~
But still wondering how Mr. Sanjit knew I was in drama team.. And gave us 2copies of the script, one of it has his phone number at the top left of the first page. I saw and said "See, Mr. Sanjit's phone number.. Let's stalk him". Other members were like " =A= ...". And I ".........nyoron......? :3" Haha XD

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