Saturday, 9 May 2009

Goodbye, Everyone~

Hi today~ last day working desu yo.. = ] Maa.., everything was okay, no tears..lolz... That widow gave me a red packet filled with 30bucks inside. Other seniors..nothing XD
What did I noticed today?

Back of my palm got small scratch.. I didnt even know I hurt myself

And lunch.. Aww...I planned to get myself blueberry cheese tart and pancake.. But bakers did not make these two today =C cz fridge was full of cakes for tomorrow..So..., I bought an eggtart instead.. and also a bun....Please read the following description as a story XD

Whee~ I've got an eggtart desu~

"Hora, eggtart desu~" =D

=w= wah~ Feel good XD
*Ignore my face and anything*

I had a bun too~ Its name is Song Song, top filled with chicken floss, with mayonaise cream inside~


"Are~? Nani mite no?"

"Hai, hai~ All are yours, I cant finish it ady"

"Honto ni daijoubu. Eat all you can. I'm full. Thanks for the meal~"
*Ignore teh pimplez XD*

And what did I notice after lunch?

A small bruise..haizz.... Can notice anot?


And this is my "book". I took it from my drawer and I drew in it day by day XD


Some of the drawings/sketches XD

This boy looks weird desu nee...?

XD Just draw or sketch or scribble anything that comes in to my mind XD

It's Nyoron Churuya XD I dont know how to draw the uniform XD hohoho~ I drew it today

Nyoron and her smoked cheese~ XD I drew this today too XD

Thanks for everything, Senior Peng and Senior Ila
Thanks for the care Aunty
Take care
Hope business goes smoothly
Do miss me~

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