Sunday, 24 May 2009

Nice Saturday

Hai~ Kyou wa..went to hospital desu, visit baa-chan X3

Site taken outside ward

Site taken from baa-chan's room =w=

And now.. 8 l

#1 injection.......





ps: mom says dun simply capture pics in the hospital...nanti saw benda bukan bukan ><"

Jaa..tsugi. Went to shopping mall desu.. Mom bought me tube..for baju kurung desu.. And also Shiseido set...

The front... Yup, it's for oil control.. Maybe I should stop eating oily foods too =w= Hmmm....related ya?

The back..

The inside..

The instructionz

The setz....

And free 2 samples...
Oitt~! Gimmeh bigger bottles la xD

This set costs only RM129.. Reasonable price in my point of view, and should be able to go higher if effective for everyone.. Demo nee.. still hafta depends on individual's skin nee? Ganbatte to myself~

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