Friday, 8 May 2009

Leaving My First Job

No pics for today, okay? XD
Well....,today...I'm kinda not in mood..feel like crying.. 'Cause.., I received an unexpected news. This was how it began;

I went to school in the morning to check name list of those who were shorlisted for Form6. Okay, as informed by another friend of mine, she said my name was on the list. She told me few days ago and I was not shocked at all. She did told me that the registeration day would be 11th May (Monday). Then, I went in to the office and asked the clerk regarding the registeration things and all. So..clerk said, registeration on Monday and schooling session starts then. Wearing the F6 uniform of course, and there will be an orientation for us.

Alright. As told by my friend, I presumed that, 11th May register, and 18th only start session. So, I did told boss that I will resign on 15th. Now, for no reason, or maybe this is my own problem, I feel sad ._.

Most probably because this job is my first one, and I fall for this job? So that's why I'm sad to leave everyone. I feel sooo down and not in any mood at all.

*shoot...why must this be the weakness of 6th sense..*

Sigh... I dont know what to say now. Just one word..or a few.... 'sad', 'melancholy', 'tears'.

Ima waratte naide desu..

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