Friday, 29 May 2009

IPG Ipoh Campus PPISMP Interview, May 2009

Today was the interview day~ XD
Grrr.....woke up at 5am, then went to aunt's house
Then took off at 6.20am like that..
Speeding at120km/h @@
The speed influenced me XD heart was beating fast XD
But I told myself not be nervous, later interview tak lancar ma die...hor...
Then okok lor.. Must relax.., cannot give myself stress marh
Then reach destination at 7.40am like that..
This is the entrance of the institute, where I had my interview =3

X3 hahaz..

The first interview was InSaK.. Inventori Sahsiah Keguruan,if Im not mistaken.. 135questions in 30 minutes....Cis...40minutes ma...haiyo... This one was carried out with all the candidates.. And there were 5 of us only.
After that, we had group interview pulak.. Was like a discussion group. Were given a piece of paper with 2questions. Given 2-3mins to read, and then say out our opinion. And it was in English... My advantage XD 
The questions were something like this;

The Ministry of Education has..*dunno what* on co-curicular activities in school.

1. Describe the co-curicular activities that you had joined in school
2. How has the co-curicular activities benefited you? that lor.. After that, we had individual interview pulak. And this one taken when I was waiting for my turn
XD nothing special


Not to forget, there were 2 panels to judge us during the interview, one will evaluate us from Bahasa Malaysia, and one in English...
Ya ampun..My BM a bit karat XD but overall still okay XD
And the individual interview..for me, one of the panels asked me to describe myself..lolz background well as siblings.. Then...asked me what made me choose this profession..Hmmm..I answered "Saya rasa pekerjaan guru ni suatu pekerjaan yang mulia"*

Mmmmm...and blablabla they asked la... Just pakai hantam and answer only.. And looked into their eyes, brainwash them XD
Then also tested on current issues. Asked by another panel.. I've got issues on AhLong cases, happened recently. So lucky.. It's like...... I have not been touching newspapers for...months..not even listening to news.... But really lucky, yesterday or day before yesterday, I saw this news on newspaper front page.. XD Though I didn't even touch it, seriously.... I only read the title.. cz it was in capital letter and bold ma XD

*back to topic*
So..I answer lorh..The panel asked me bout my opinion on their actions.. So I just answer spontaneously.....Then also asked about the....limit to 10 subjects for SPM...also asked for my opinion....
Hmmm....the individual part lasted for like 5-8mins per person....

Other candidates got different issues..

Jaa....after the individual, can go back ady...
Gahh......starving that time..I didnt have breakfast before the interview...
So went and eat lor.. Then on the way back to TI, drop by at Giant pulak....boring....
Left everything in the car...but didnt forget bout phone...hahaz XD

Hey, look~

Candies~~~~ TwT

Maa nee...., after that, head back to TI dah...still sms-ing lorh XD
Then sms half way forgot to click send, tertidor pulak

Hmm.... Got confidence in this profession naa =3
Hopefully can success X3
If no.........I will be dead
studying pre-U


realmofthelazyvampire said...

good luck for u,vivian~

~really hope u can pass it~

vivian said...

thank you~ ^^