Friday, 22 May 2009

Mr. Raja Moorthi

Another boring desu~ =w= *I dont even know what to write*
Whoakay... School stuffs ba...

Mr. Raja Moorthi
- known as The Story Teller aka Fairy Godpapa
- 1 hour of teaching; 50mins story, 10 mins teaching =w=
- often uses "what the hell" in class
- kinda humourous
- teaches MUET
- almost argue with him cz of different ideas/points for essay

Today after school, we had da so-called "gotong-royong" again.... But few of us cabut lari.. xD I went to banks... Withdrew munny from my account, and banked in munny at different bank.. Help friend order lens and my Loli Shoes as well..

Hmmm.... Yappari....., baa-chan sent in to lack of sugar level in blood... Haizz.... hope baa-chan can recover fast.. *pray hard* Tsumari..., aunts from KL coming back tomorrow to visit baa-chan lo... Jaa...mata ashita...lolx

E = mc^2
E stands for Einstein
Einstein=mong cha cha

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