Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Class Story~

Finally, school began its pembelajaran.. =w=
Mattaku... I'm still with holidays mood D= I wish teachers teach in June, after the holidays
I dont wanna study yet~~~~~ Tatsukete~ xD

Lets reveal stuffs about the teachers xD

Pn. Rohayu
-class teacher
-teach Pengajian AM1
-nice and kind

Ms Lim Mei Ping
-teach Pure Mathematics
-crazy O.O
-kinda stirct, may joke sometimes
-Miss Tang* #2
-scry and insane

Mr Hassan
-the bald
-teaches Chemistry
-praise himself handsome, and say other people ugly
-muka tebal

Mr Abdullah
-teacher from class Science1, teaches Pengajian Am2
-first impression: ALI BABA!! 8D
-funny face cz no front teeth XD

Mrs. Zaleha
-teaches Physics
-first impression: Wah....muka smile at students also? o.O Singa betina!!!
-seems like wanna eat people when had eyes contact with her

*Miss Tang was my Chemistry teacher from my former school


nd let's see the organiztion chart..

Monitor: Keong Chuen Kuang
Asst.Monitor: Kok Poh Earn
Secretary: Vivian Chong
Treasurer: Ho Woon Fong

Head of Disciplinary: Goh Wey Ping
Head of Cleanliness: Lim Pui Wen
Head of Liveliness: Simon Benedict

ps: See my name there? xD

Thank goodness... After so many years of being the Head of Liveliness in my former school, at last I resigned myself.. xD And be the secretary instead xD But seriously, my class is stuffy, seems crowded, and during peak hour in the noon, it gets warm... Nobody like the class, including the teachers.. So, why did teachers placed us at that classroom? fyi, my classroom is next to Science1 classroom (we need to pass through Science1 to go in and out, how distracting, right?). All right. So, if I took H.o.L. position again, how am I gonna make everyone lively when I cant? (Though Vivian means lively..lolz)

Meh.... stuffs are over... How 'bout friends? Should I describe them? xD tomorrow or some other day when I am free la.. XD

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