Tuesday, 19 May 2009

School Prediction

Aisehh man... School was friggin' boring!! ==
We were given a task last week =w=. We can do it either on our own or combine with other classes. What was the task given?


ps: Luckily I wont be around cz having an interview at Ipoh XD

Well, listening to other classmates, see what they plan to do XD Some suggested to do dance, as well as singing *lmao....* Then some said drama xD Hohoho~ Who needs my guidance and advice? xD *raise up hand and say: Hey, drama Queen's here* (2years ago *rofl*).

I spend my time reading Only The Ring Finger Knows novel. Wah.... felt like..the times passes so slow! Good thing Caroline returned my manga, still can read it.. At least manga ish full of illustrations, unlike novel..Kinda bored actually XD

Help la, so boring.... and tomorrow got assembly summor..die la..die la........ boring speeches... == Let me predict..

"... Cikgu ucapkan Selamat Datang kepada warga Anthonian yang baru mendaftarkan diri minggu lepas. Ada juga muka yang sama... Ada yang merupakan adik atau abang atau kakak kepada pelajar di sini ya.. Takpe, cikgu harap pelajar yang *dunno say what lah* akan gembira meneruskan tingkatan6 di sekolah ini *blablabla*....."
(Students: *Clap*)

Shoot! I can even predict!!!
*Dies in boredom*


realmofthelazyvampire said...

*pat vivian*
u still remember i say i already enter the registration day for F6???

u know~when i fill up the form...

suddently hear teachers say~

Awak semua mesti pakai baju sekolah

and then i was thinking*oh shit~~~*

i just go find father and say~let back~

i cancel to enter F6

vivian said...

wah.....sabar...sabar.... xD were you not in uniform that day? xD