Saturday, 16 May 2009

Duh... =A=

I woke up a bit early this morning. Was supposed to have chemistry tuition at 10.30am, was actually 11.30am == So....that one hour I spent by drawing XD
This is the end product... Maka was actually holding a lollipop, and Soul was holding her hand. They were kissing that lollipop..lolz. I was thinking I should putup this I'm not satisfied with this piece..
I drew this at the back cover of my chemistry tuition notebook..Soul sure looked weird in there ><
"Cute" version of them XD
And this is a boilogical equation =w=
And I did this in the afternoon.. =3 step2 of pencil sketch...step1 cant be seen I skipped
Some shading
Some shading also.. =w=
Some shading also......... =w=
I think I'm almost there =w=
Thank you pencils~ you all are my best friendz
Contribution to you guys XD
And technical drawing pens too XD
Thanks for bring my artz alive
Touch up on Maka's hair
How could I forget this ><
I drew this on the first day to school during the orientation ><
Chotto kakkoi desu nee~ XD
Over all, Second drawing I give myself 6/10. First drawing suckz...2/10... X(

Relative atomic mass of an element is
the weighted average
of the relative isotopic masses
of the different isotopes
of an element compared to
1/12 mass
of one atom of 12C

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