Friday, 15 May 2009

Form 6 Memorable Moment~

I think there's too much photos in my blog XD again la XD

Today at school.....we had our so-called gotong-royong..lolz... Guess what? All we had to do were just arrange tables and chairs in the classroom, take out those not-needed books, and put them downstairs =A=
Then... I was "noticed" by some prefects
ps: anigi was last year's head prefect
and then when I pass by, one guy, I dont know how to spell his name >_>" but when pronounced, it sounded like...Watsons... *rofl* XD as like...watsons,guradian.. *ROFL*
*back to topic*okay... he suddenly yell "Vincent's sister!!!" I was like "mattaku..urusai yo..." XD
Then ermm.....we sang school song~ and then play games XD kinda boring one, so I dont wanna describe XD

After the game, we were asked to move out of the Then....sing again =A=
*Look around, noticed prefects holding a bucket full of water*
Aa-dame da yo =A=
*Walk to prefect*

(Lazy to write XD)

They are all crazy lah =.=

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