Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ita Loli Moment

Bwahahaha~ I camwhored again XD
Quite nice..but background ish a booboo~
Meh...the original actually ish nicer X3
Quite okay XD
Idk what caption to put for this... XD
Better than the above picca XD
ps:what's with the fingers and all? @_@
This ish nice XD
(I think... ._. )
Maii white teddy~
Not bad also la..
I think this is okay also..
Okok la... XD
so-so la... XD
Okok also la... XD
Quite okay also....
Owh, look~ This ish an ice-cream XD I ate it first before anyone Xd cz I scare anigi eat it ._.

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