Monday, 11 May 2009

Form 6 First Day

First day of Form6 desu @w@
Arghh.. =A= early morning when alarm clock rang.. *woke up,hit alarm clock* =w= it turned silent.. and I noticed I have a message..and read.. It was from masahiro.. What did he sent? "1.20am...Have fun in school XD" =w= *reply and sleep* suddenly... *RING!!!!* I turned over and saw mom... =w= *sweat* Okay,okay......I will go get myself ready >,< school...met quite a number of new people..lolz...and the biatch gang also..lolz..who cares anyway... Demo.., my skirt seems too long for sent it to tailor in the afternoon....

ps: 154/155cm short?


The speech was way too boring &=A=
And guess what..CF forum was not down XD whee~

I forgot what I wanna write =w=


realmofthelazyvampire said...

well~have fun in From 6~

what course vivian take??

vivian said...

going to science class XD