Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mothers' Day~

Happy Mothers' Day~ XD
And today's camwhore~;
Hmmm....I dedicate this photo to someone...
This too, to another person..lolz
Urgh.. DX that pimple on da noseee...
A leave-me-alone pic..hahaz
And this one taken at grandma's place.. At Anson Comfort Home. They were actually having a small Mothers' Day celebration.. I was free to camwhore too XD
Hmmm... Nice or not? =S
And this is grandma =3
Taken from another angle
And I saw this cat XD pat seems to be sooooo........syiok? lolz..i dont know what word to describe
It says "Meow~"
Owh, look at the celebration XD small..but it seems big XD
Owh...cake DX
Hahaz, my grandma cut the cake xD first person to cut o~ XD that's 2nd uncle,helping grandma to cut XD Ka-san is at uncle's right XD and the malays beside grandma, adult with black tudung ish my aunty, she married a malay =3 and the one in white tudung, my cousin sister..hahaz. And small girl in black tudung ish cousin also.. XD
Mothers' Day Cakey~ It's from Justo Eat XD I lub the cakes there, and bun too ^^ Resembles Kaoru's Cake house~
=w= ~
It's Mocha Mousses =w= Ordered this cake on Wednesday, 1kg weight and fully paid..RM 50..hahaz. Order form with number 6432 XD It's almost 9pm now, and no one has eaten the cake.. cz no one dares to eat before I do XD hohoho~! XD ngek ngek ngek XD

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