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Miyuki-chan tagged me~~~ *Finally, I have something to do*

Pick and list down 12 fictional characters

1. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
2. Ryoma Echizen (Tenisu no Oujisama)
3. Death the Kid (Soul Eater)
4. Helios (Helios Eclipse)
5. Kiwi (Le.Gardenie)
6. Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)
7. Nyoron Churuya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu)
8. Izumi Konata (Lucky Star)
9. Sakurai Hiroki (Koizora)
10. Megu (Tantei Gakuen Q)
11. Kataoka Hinata (Himitsu no Hanazono)
12. Naruto (Naruto)

Answer the following questions;

a) Who could be better professor on the college, 6 or 11? Which subject could they teach?
6_ Maka Albarn. She could teach students how to capture devil souls and witch/wizard souls. And also Maka Chop. So that I wouldn't be afraid at night~~ =w= I can be more adventurous too XD Hope I can be a Death Scythe~ XD *Be awed by my skills XD*

b) Do you think that 4 is sexy? How much?
Owh~ XD Are you kidding me? Helios, the God of Sun, ish shoo smexy~~ Kakkoi desu~~~ XD I give 100% X3 The cool guy leads the Valley of Sun, how great is that~ Damn smexiie~~ XD kyaaa~!

c) 12 sends 8 on a mission. What kind of mission is this and will it be succesfull?
XD Naruto sends Konata to a mission? XD Okay, ermm... Naruto sends her to help Tsunade-sama in a battle between herself and Jiraiya and Orochimaru X3 Lets see~
On Konata's way, she might be...wandering around towns to look for anime figurines, manga, Anime, etce tera XD Then in forest, she may be tailed by bad ninjas, but worry not. Her spontaineous response will trap those ninjas eventually.
When Konata arrives, she will be fighting forcefully with coordination As is there is a player controlling her, and she fights *Fuiyoh, "gan cheong"! XD* The faster the "player" press the button, the stronger her fists are XD

*Crap...what am I saying?*

Of course in the end, Tsunade-sama wins. So do Jiraiya, the ero-sennin..

d) What is (or could be) favourite book of 9?
Hiro? Perhaps a book which has something to do with sky or river. Sky which symbolizes Mika, and river which symbolizes himself :3 Daisuki~ He loves the illustrations of those skies and rivers and so does Mika =3

e) What could make more sense: That 2 is telling dirty things to 6 or 6 to 2?
Between Maka and Ryoma? Oh man....... I really cant decide XD Maka the serious girl and Ryoma the cool boi D=
Okay, maybe 6_Maka Albarn to 2_Ryoma Echizen
Because.... Maka got affected by Soul and Blackstar? XD And then spreads the dirty virus to Ryoma XD But I bet Ryoma dont even bother about that xD

f) For some reason, 5 looks for a lodger. Should s/he live with 9, or 10?
5_Kiwi with 10_Megu desu.. Megu seems to be a reliable girl. She can pay rental fees on time every month and she has photographic memories =D So if Kiwi forgot where she put things, Megu might know where it is = ]

g) 2, 7 and 12 are eating dinner/supper together. Where will they go and about what they will talk?
Ryoma, Nyoron and Naruto? Hmmm.... They could go to street-side restaurants maybe.. And talk about skills. Ryoma maybe would be quiet..lolz. Nyoron with her kungfu..and suddenly talked about smoked cheese XD And Naruto with he skills, like.. Rasengan? He would also ask them what jutsu should he use to beat Akatsuki and bring back Sasuke = /

h) 3 challenges 10 for a duel. What happens?
Kid and Megu?? Kid with his weapons; Liz and Patty Thomson versus Megu? Megu has no weapons D= Megu's speciality is her photographic memory D= Okay, battle without weapons. Fair and Square..lolz

Kid maybe stronger than Megu nee D= Okay, in the middle of battle, Kid's hair got messy and Megu's pants, left side dirty.
Death the Kid: *tremble down* No..........shouldn't be like this....
Death the Kid: It must be symmetrical.........No........
Megu: Oi-, stand up and fight like a guy
Death the Kid: IT IS NOT SYMMETRICAL!!!!! My hair.....! My hair.......... I need a mirror..... My hair....

Megu somehow found his weakness XD and attack him.

Victory goes to Megu XD

i) If 1 could steal 9's most precious thing, how 9 could get it back?
Kakashi stole Mika... What could Hiro do to get her back huh....? Hmmm.... With Kakashi's skills, I dont know how can Mika be brought back =S Let's go to the end part, Hiro's sincerity and his love to Mika touched Kakashi, and thus Kakashi gave back Mika to Hiro..

j) Suggest a title for the tale, where 7 and 12 get the thing they always wanted?
The History of Smoked Cheesed Kunai

k) What would you think up (in storyline) if you want, that 4 and 1 would be together?
D8 Helios and Kakashi????
Kakashi used swift and gone behind Helios and cought him in his kunai around Helios's neck. Kakashi bite Helios's ears
Helios gone high XD He turned at look at Kakashi, uncontrolable, And finally, Kakashi pulled down his cloth and showed Helios his real face. Helios was stunted to look at Kakashi's true face. Kakashi actually has smooth skin. Then, Kakashi started to take off his chest protector and his shirt. Helios once again attracted to Kakashi's hefty and sexy body. They then had french kiss XD Suddenly, Kakashi..

*Tsuzuku....To be continued upon request XD*

l) If 7 could visit you in the weekend, how could you spend your time?
Wow~ I would surprise her with my cooking skills XD We would erm...talked about smoked cheese XD and go shopping XD *I dont know larh~*

m) If you could order 3 to do one thing for you, what kind of thing would it be?
"Kid-kun, surrender all your skills+weapons+post as Shinigami's son to me"
*So bad....*

n) Is someone from your friends draws or writes about 11?

o) If 2 would have to choose between 4 and 5, who would s/he choose?

p) What could be 10's battle scream?
"Aa-!!!!! Kinta!!!!!!"

q)If you could choose the song that represents 8, what song could that be?
Sailor-Fuku song *Cant remember the title, but it was by Aya Hirano*

r) 1, 6 and 12 are sitting in dark, chinese restaurant. There's only one pancake left and everyone reach for it in last while... Finish it.
Kakashi, Maka and Naruto? Naruto eats greedily for that pancake. However, Kakashi-sensei cuts him and both of them continue. Suddenly, Maka actions. She gave them her Maka Chop on their heads XD and she ate the pancake. Kakashi-sensei and Naruto could only look at her, drooling..... XD

s) What could tell 2 to 10, if he would want to go on date with him/her?
Ryoma to Megu? Ryoma called her out and had date at tennis court XD

t) For what most likely the 5 could be arrested?
Accused for stealing PIBG munny =C

u) What is 6's secret?
Umm... I dont know

v) If 11 and 9 would race, who would be first?
D= Hiro and Hinata? Hiro most probably, because he has stronger stamina than Hinata-kun

w) 1 and 9 reluctantly save the world together, from the secret organisation ruled by 4. 11 offers them their help, but later it is shown that he's 4's spy in reality. In the meantime, 4 kidnaps 12, to force them to surrender. Guided by 5's wise advice, they are looking for 3, which gives them what they need to finish their quest. What title could you give to this fanfic?
Defend of the Undefined

Choose 3 people from friends list who could read it. Choose one, who could write it..
*I dont have a friend list*
I will list more than 3 XD

-Ulrick o-touto-san
-Tsu X3
-kHaI WeN nii-chan
-random people
-miss NO-NAME
-mr smiley

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