Thursday, June 22, 2017

Back here again~

Ah, I had been missing for almost a month, but at least I'm back now.

Many things happened in one month and I can say that they are all good things -mostly memories. Actually, I went to Japan.

It's my first time leaving home for a far place, first time flying on a plane, first time being abroad, first time being in on a foreign land all by myself. But it's not bad at all.

After all, we do need to leave our comfort zone and go out to see the world. Sometimes, it's best done alone. And I'm glad to say that I did it.

It's been almost two weeks since the trip, and I miss Japan so much. I hope to go there again soon. 

Anyway, I have been uploading photos on Instagram, so please check them out. You can click the Instagram icon on the right below my profile to gain access to my profile. Do follow me if you have not~ And of course, I uploaded videos on YouTube too! In fact, I scheduled several videos. They'll be available for public viewing from time to time~ I hope you will watch my videos too. 

Here are some photos.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Second Year, or so..

Well, I mean it's my second year going through Teachers' Day as a teacher. Last year, we had the theme of Back to the Old Times. This year's theme was If I Were Not a Teacher.

It was also last year that I had decided to wear whatever I like. So, this year I put on Lolita.

Never have I thought that I would really wear it to school.
I wanted to be a comic artist, but there's no way I would grab drawing pens, brushes or drawing tablet and comics, and say OI I'M A COMIC ARTIST K.

While I just "celebrated" Teachers' Day, I am actually counting my remaining months in the school I teach.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Worst Evening Ever

Yes, people who know me well know that I will have my walk and feed the strays every evening.
Like usual, today is no exception. After I fed the stray dogs, they walked with me. Sometimes, the strays will run to the alley behind my housing area and chase other stray cats away. Today, they encountered something else.

They walked ahead and as I walked behind, I could hear a soft meow. I knew instantly that it must be a kitten. I looked everywhere and found the stray dogs trotted to a corner. Suddenly, there was no meowing sound anymore. I locked my sight at the stray dogs where their backs were facing me. I felt uneasy.

I ran to the dogs and saw that one of them had a kitten in its mouth. The kitten was still alive and it was in pain, I could tell. I hit that dog and ordered it to let go of the kitten. But stray does not listen to anyone. I heard a crushing sound, it was the kitten's ribcage where the dog bit. The kitten was barely alive. I hit the dog several times and it put the kitten on the ground. It just put the kitten on the ground just to bite its head. I heard another one or two crushing sounds. I knew right away that the kitten's gone.

I felt so horrible and helpless as I watched the kitten die before me.

My evening walk always makes me feel better and more relaxed, but today is different. I feel even more depressed. I felt like I caused the death of the kitten. If I were braver, I would have forced open the dog's mouth and saved the kitten. I just feel that this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't decided to walk at the alley. I could have saved the kitten.

Recalling what happened just now makes me feel depressed and bitter.


Sunday, May 7, 2017


Ah.. I just realised how long it has been since I last blogged. XD
Anyway, I got my car back two Saturdays ago and honestly I am still having a little trauma driving. But, gotta face the fear because life goes on.

Also, I have been a bit occupied lately with work and personal life. I don't always bring work back home, but when I do, I always left something important at work. And I am looking forward for the mid year school break.

My one month hiatus also made me think whether I should stop blogging. Hmm.. Not many people blog these days. Still, I rely on blog posts to find product reviews (cosmetics). If everyone stops blogging, hmmm......

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First Kiss

First of all,
No, it has nothing to do with lips.

Okay, what I meant is I had a car accident. I crashed into the car in front of me due to road sudden brake. Many other cars managed to slide to the side but I didn't make it in time and kissed the back of the car in front.

The back of the front car has a small dent and the bumper fell off a little, but my car has a worse condition. My bonnet has a dent and the bumper is not in place, and the glass of the flash light broke.

No one is injured, but I had a shock and slurred speech when the bang happened. 

I feel tired for going to and fro the car service centre, but I'm fine. So please don't worry about me ^___^ I need to be extra careful next time, and I am glad to know that there are people who worry about what happened to me. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

[REVIEW] CANMAKE Your Lip Only Gloss in 03 Clear & Vivid

One can never own too many lip products,
says no one ever.

This is another review of a Canmake product~ I have always wanted the gloss on my lips,so I had decided to buy myself one~

Packaging made of cardboard material with flower theme~

Clear bottle~

Also, there are glitters in it! And look at the applicator! It's pink!

For Your Lips
Well, it changes colour depending on the moisture of your lips. So yes, it depends on you as the wearer, and the colour that comes out is unique to each individual. When my lips are more moisturised, the colour that comes out appear to be more vivid!

Won't Wear Off
Nothing is permanent. Get over it. Also, the more lip movements involved, the quicker the gloss disappears.

This is how it looks like indoor with natural lighting~

Notice the pearls~?


Monday, March 20, 2017

[REVIEW] CANMAKE Lip Tint Syrup in 03 Azalea

Yay~ Another lip product review~
So this is it~

Clear packaging~

It is pretty small.


Syrup-like Texture, which moisturizes
I am not sure about the syrup-like texture part, but the mosturising part, yes. Because the Japanese lip tint is made up of more oil than water, unlike Korean lip tint, it really does feel a lot more moisturizing and not dying at all. Well, at least for some time. However, I noticed that the moisture goes away quickly especially when I talk a lot ( ‾́ ‾́ )

Colour Stays Even After Eating
Maybe because the colour is similar to my natural lip colour, I am not sure if there’s any colour on my lips after eating. So it is unfair for me to give this rating.

Natural Rosy Look
Yes, the colour is really natural and light. If your natural lip colour is pale like mine and you want some colour yet you don’t want anything too obvious, this is definitely for you.

This is how it looks like indoor with natural lighting~