Sunday, 30 September 2018

Packed @@

I have been soooooooo busy @@
I teach the 15s and 17s this year, and they will sit for a public exam in October and November respectively. They are given intensive classes and these classes are making me so exhausted. I even went to a clinic because of my condition lol

I just wish all the busy days will be over sooner.


Sunday, 26 August 2018

The End of Summer Midterm Break~

This time around, I did not travel abroad.
I stayed at home most of the time,
and I gained weight, I believe.

Anyway, I am not over my trip to Okinawa yet!

My SO has been busy with his new work, and I miss his family too. His grandmother is ill, and I hope to visit her. 
I sure hope to go there again soon.

And I miss savouring Taco Rice.

Next holidays will be the short-term only, and there's another one-week break in early November. Till then, I have to go all out with my students who are sitting for their public exams.


Sunday, 12 August 2018

[REVIEW] Red Ruby of Ayer Tawar's Red Wine Mi Sua

So, I just happened to have to conduct a workshop for students in Ayer Tawar. It was a two-hour slot, and mind you, I'm not the kind who would travel far just to do something that won't take up much time. After the workshop, I was like, heck yeah I'm free and it's a weekend, I might as well look for something worth this trip

Knowing Ayer Tawar has this famous shop known for its red wine mi sua, so yeah. Why not? Google and Waze helped and we arrived - My mom and I. I know mom wanted to try it very much.

Supposed Red Ruby has a reputation in Ayer Tawar since it's at the top of the search result. But
Now, onto my thoughts;

There were two Red Rubys on the same row. One at the corner, open-air kind of restaurant. The other one was just a few shops away, air-conditioned. We obviously chose the latter. Warm weather sucks. 

Well I guess they weren't expecting customers?? The air-cons were all off. So, the moment we stepped in, it was warm and stuffy. They only switched on the air-con near us after we quickly seated ourselves.

We were also greeted by flies. Disgusting.

Anyway, we ordered a pot of tea, it arrived about 5 minutes later.
As for the red wine mi sua, it arrived about 15 minutes later
The waitress was attentive and fast, by the way.

It's either my mom and I are small portion eater, or the people here eat a lot. Because the portion for two was really big, mom reckoned it would feed four, actually.

There's something lacking in the dish, though. Mom said that it would have tasted better if more wine was added.

The toilet was a horror to me, tho. It's a shared toilet, and the smell was not pleasant. The tissue roll was also noticeably once wet but already left dried to be used again.

Overall experience

Ample, actually. Just that it's not under the shade, but it's not a big problem.

Environment & Comfort
Only one star, due to the air-con, flies, and toilet.

It did not leave us a positive or memorable impact.

For the pot of tea, and super big portion for two, it was only about RM 16. 

For being fast, and attentive. But the waitress only took orders, and that was it. When another customer came, she suggested various dishes. It could have been an unfair treatment, but I wouldn't mind much since mom and I only wanted to try the red wine mi sua and nothing else.

Will I dine here again?


Monday, 23 July 2018

*UPDATE* [REVIEW] Curel Sebum Care Line

In regards to my first review here

I finished the Sebum Care Moisture Gel first. I already noticed that the sebum came out quicker than when I was using both. So I was sure that I need both to combat my problem. Anyway, I bared with it and went on finishing the other one.

About a week later, I finished the Sebum Care Lotion.

About a week after that, what I noticed was;

my skin condition basically got back to the initial state.
My nose became shiny again after two hours of putting on my makeup. It was horrible and truly affected my confidence. I fcuking need my oil blotter with me all the time.

I regret forgetting to buy the full size products when I was in Japan last month.

Luckily Curel Malaysia sent me two pairs of the sample sizes. I hope my last pair would last me until I replace them with the full size ones.

Honestly, Curel is my holy grail. With the Malaysian heat and weather, it's a surprise that it works!


Sunday, 15 July 2018

2018 English Drama Team Achievement

But first, let's recap;

2016 - Second Runner-Up
2017 - Champion

This year's training was also tiring, of course.
Getting up early because I live far from school, and
going home late after the training.
Not to forget, dealing with their tardy attitude

Actually amazed at how long my arm can stretch lol

We started from as early as mid-March, just once a week, on and off , and only got really serious in training ten days prior to the competition date.

And only within the ten days, we thought and decided on the costumes or outfits, and props. But I'm glad that everyone was serious in gathering all the necessary things needed in the play, be it taking things from home or finding things from shops or seizing things from the staffroom lol.

Anyway, I want to thank a colleague of mine for helping us to transport our props of furniture to the competition venue by his 4WD
And my co-pilot, even though he was busy with his football team, but he also came and helped with this drama team. Glad that he could go and find and buy the things we needed at the eleventh hour.
And most importantly, every single member in this team. Although there had been an objection from a teacher to have them in the team, but they all stayed and worked this out. 

Thank you for your hard work, time although not punctual for most of the time, dedication and effort.

This year, 2018, we were announced the first runner-up.
I have to admit that I was a little sad because I failed to secure the champion title, but I believe our effort merely worth a second place, and at the same time, I am glad lol
Glad that we are not the champion this year because half of this team member will sit for major public exam, and we won't have much time to divide between training and revising. Being the champion will not put us in advantage actually.

However, there is one thing I am proud of this year, which is, 
a cast from my school won the Best Performer award!
It was totally unexpected, and it made me feel pleased with this achievement!

It was great spending time training them, and I'd miss the senior ones when they graduate from school in a few months' time.
I really do hope the admins will consider replacing me with other coaches next year tho!

In summary,
2016 - Second Runner-Up
2017 - Champion
2018 - First Runner-Up + Best Performer


Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Tenth Voice

It was on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon when I was in the school library with eight students. It was past the schooling session so it was pretty quiet. The nine of us were discussing about our drama club, but only half of them were actively discussing. The other four were reading, snacking and chatting.

Being an introvert, I paid attention to my surrounding. Since it looked like it was going to rain, the wind blew strongly. It even passed through the window panes, under the door gaps, producing somewhat eerie sound. Now, I know it's just the wind because I learned about it in Physics. But the sound of the wind was not the only thing I heard.

I heard a humming sound. It occasionally paused, perhaps to gasp for air before continuing to hum. I couldn't identify what song it was, probably some Malay song which I have no interest knowing the title.

I shifted my sight to one of the girls who was reading. I reckoned she hummed while reading. Since we exchanged looks and she smiled at me, I was sure it was her humming. So I let her hum while the discussion went on. The humming wasn't loud that it interrupted the discussion anyway, so..

It wasn't too long after that that a boy suddenly commented "it sounds scary." His friend replied "what is it?" I was positive that he was referring to the sound of the wind, so I explained to him about the work of Physics. Then I added on, "...but if you weren't talking about the wind, well I do hear a humming sound" and imitated that sound.

After a short moment of silence, he said,
"Let's pretend as if I didn't say anything."

So, the discussion went on, and we finally came to the end. We left the library and were all gathered at the school assembly ground, chatting and before calling it a day. Once again, one of them talked about the sound they heard.

Apparently, each of us did hear the humming sound, and each thought it came from one of us. The girl whom I thought made the sound claimed that she only reads when she reads and doesn't like doing anything else that will distract her from reading, so the sound wasn't hers.

Whose sound was it that we heard?


Monday, 2 July 2018

[REVIEW] Dove DermaSeries Gentle Cleansing Body Wash & Replenishing Body Lotion

I received the Dove DermaSeries starter kit a few days prior to my trip to Okinawa, and managed to try for a few times.

This DermaSeries is meant for combating dry skin as it has been clinically proven to rapidly soothe and alleviate dryness and itching. The starter kit contains a body wash and a body lotion.It is also dermatologist-proven that the products are suitable for eczema-prone skin.

Gentle Cleansing Body Wash
Lab test shows that this body wash is ten times more nourishing than regular body wash. It has a unique blend of skin-natural lipids, sunflower oil and mild cleansing actives which makes this Dove's best daily cleansing care for dry, itchy skin.

 As a derma-related product, it is normal to see that this body wash does not foam much or produces lotsa bubbles. It does smell of sunflower oil, but also reminds me of almond oil. Since my skin is mostly sensitive with dry and sensitive fingers, the body wash does not, in any way, show any negative reaction, and the dry skin areas around my fingers appear to be protected by a new layer of skin, as if the body wash helps to build new tissue and protects dry skin.

It feels creamy and thick, and when mixed with water, the liquid remains thick but it breaks down into smaller parts if whisk rapidly.

Overall ★★★★★

Replenishing Body Lotion
Based on clinical test, it is clinically proven to have 24-hour lasting comfort. With the unique blend of SilkAmino Complex and Dove's powerful moisturisers, it replenishes dry, itchy skin, restoring skin's natural protective barrier over time.

It runs smoothly on the skin upon application, and it absorbs really quickly. So, I think it is really convenient for me especially in the morning, because I have just enough time to prepare myself for work and I don't have to wait for too long for the lotion to be absorbed. My arms appear to be more moisturised and not as dry as before. However, the only drawback I feel is that the lotion feels a tad sticky. It always makes me want to wash my hands after applying the lotion.

Overall ★★★★

In conclusion,
The dry patches on my skin has significantly improved and become a lot better.

I would recommend this set of body care products to those with dry skin and/or eczema-prone skin problem.