Thursday, 13 December 2018

Invigilated SPM 2018

That's right. I invigilated SPM this year, and it's my first time being an invigilator. I must say that I was truly surprised every week when I was on duty.

Just in case anyone reading this entry is not a Malaysian, SPM is a public examination all schooling students must sit for, and these days, it serves as a minimum requirement to further studies and/or to be employed. SPM is no doubt a serious examination because no one would want to mess with their future. 

However, it appeared to me that not everyone cared about this examination.


Although it is never a rule to queue before entering the examination hall, but it was not a pleasant sight to see the candidates not coming in numerically (according to their seat rows and sequence number). Maybe it was just my OCD shit, but chattering across the examination hall was really inappropriate, in my opinion. I thought being quiet in an exam hall/room or not making loud noises is a practice that has been trained since everyone was little. It definitely has something to do with manners and ethic, therefore my first impression on the candidates of the school I invigilated is a bad one.

What got me even more surprised was the fact that the candidates actually looked behind and whispered to friends next to them in the middle of examination. I sure do not want to make accusation, but I do believe that they were actually asking for answers, based on the motions they made in the air, words they were trying to make through their lips, and their faces were really showing that they were waiting for answer from someone.

The moment the exam was over and I went to collect their answers, well, that exact moment when I lifted their answers off their desk, they immediately turned around and talked again. I wish they could just wait until they left the hall to talk.

Even more evidence showing that they did not read the rules and regulations written in the timetable booklet, when some of them wanted to go to the restroom during the first 30 minutes and last 10 minutes of the exam. Yes, it is a rule that has existed for as long as I can remember. I expected that their teachers had already briefed them of the DOs and DON'Ts, but clearly, expectation leads to disappointment.

When the exam was over and they were allowed to leave the hall, again, exiting the hall without queuing or at least exiting row by row. I must thank the Head of Invigilator for telling them that they must only leave the hall using the main door. I could imagine the candidates leaving through the nearest door, not giving a slightly care about ethics.

Mentioned above are some of the things that happened during the first week of SPM, and here's a recap:
- entering the hall in random scattering pattern
- chattering with friends across the hall
- looked around, whispered, asked for answers
- wanting to go to the restroom during the first 30 minutes and last 10 minutes
-exiting the hall in random scattering pattern


Pretty much the same, but I was disappointed by an incident.  I do not think that it is fair for the Head of Invigilator to assist the candidates, one by one, row by row, giving answers directly or indirectly. Explaining is fine, I think, but telling the answer is unacceptable. I felt angry (and still do) for every other candidate in Malaysia who registered for that particular subject. I had my cellphone with me when it happened, and I recorded the scene.

I will not submit the videos I recorded to the Ministry of Education, but I might if anything happens. I am aware that the usage of cellphone is not encouraged and must be minimal, or maybe it is actually prohibited, but so is giving answers to candidates.

The candidates really dared to attempt cheating despite me being near. I find it disrespectful, not only to the invigilators, but to themselves as well. Then, when the time was up and I went to collect answers, there was one candidate who was still rushing to finish off his last sentences. As I stood there waiting next to him after collecting others', the candidate next to him and others had the cheek to tease loudly that I had to stare and hush.

Other than that, the candidates started using gel pens, correction tape and liquid paper despite prohibited. No one wants to risk their answers being soak or drowned or wet in water in whatever circumstances since gel ink will disperse when comes in contact with liquid, and correction tape tends to mess with the ink after being written on, and I will not deny that students tend to forget to write the correct answer after using liquid paper. I informed the Head about it, but he said that it's okay. Since he took no action, I obeyed and let it be.

Now, let's recap:
- dissatisfied with the Head of Invigilator for assisting all the candidates
- candidates used prohibited stationery 
- made commotion 


I must admit that I have been putting my resting bitch face since day 1. Anyway, there was Art subject this week and I was shocked that about half of the registered candidates still use colour pencils, and some seemed like it was their first time using water colour medium. I may sound like I am belittling them, but I really wonder if their Art teacher was really an Art major or just a black sheep, forced to teach, or the teacher focused too much on completing the project/coursework.

Also, I have came to accept the fact that perhaps the teachers in this particular school never disciplined them or they were just way too lenient. Again, the candidates attempted cheating. I dislike how they took advantage to ask for answer(s) from their neighbours, thinking that the invigilators were not looking. That's just plain rude.


I finally saw the candidates queuing outside, but that was it. They walked in in scattering pattern. And once again, they took advantage to ask their friends when the invigilators were not looking.

I noticed that the girls from the front classes are the one breaking rules over and over. Boys from the back classes did those too, but they would show more obedience and respect when I gave them my death stare.


Finally, the end of SPM week, the end of the candidates' secondary education, and still attempted to cheat in exam.

All I can say is I realised how lucky I was to have attended a school where my teachers constantly reminded  us (the students) to be disciplined and behave ourselves at all times, not to give negative impression to others even if you want to. Hmm.. It is not that I cannot be lenient, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Just like how the locals here would say, masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak

Anyway, the Head plans to nominate me as a Head for SPM 2019. Joke or not, no thanks. If I became one, I would have the candidates fail.

Below are the rules and regulations violated before my eyes:


4.3   Calon hendaklah menulis jawapan dengan menggunakan pena mata bola berdakwat hitam atau biru. ...
5.7   ... . Calon dilarang menggunakan pemadam jenis cecair, kimia, pelekat atau seumpamanya.
6.2   Calon tidak dibenarkanbaca keluar dari dewan/bilik peperiksaan 30 minit pertama peperiksaan dimulakan dan 10 minit terakhir sebelum peperiksaan ditamatkan ...
6.4   Calon tidak dibenarkan mengganggu ketenteraman di dalam atau berhampiran dewan/bilik peperiksaan semasa peperiksaan.
7.3   Calon dilarang mendedahkan kertas peperiksaan atau/dan jawapan peperiksaan sehingga boleh dibaca oleh calon lain.
7.4   Calon dilarang memberi pertolongan, mendapatkan pertolongan, berhubung dengan orang lain di dalam atau di luar dewan/bilik peperiksaan walau dengan apa cara sekalipun yang boleh disabitkan dengan perbuatan salah laku dalam peperiksaan.

According to page 7 of the timetable booklet which contains the rules and regulations, which all candidates possess, based on Item 8

Calon yang melanggar sebarang peraturan  peperiksaan dalam Bahagian D: 7. Larangan di Dewan/Bilik Peperiksaan dianggap salah laku dan akan menyebabkan calon dikenakan tindakan tatatertib. Menurut Peraturan-Peraturan Pendidikan (Penilaian dan Peperiksaan) 1997 dalam Akta Pendidikan 1996 (Akta 550) salah laku ertinya menipu ... atau apa-apa salah laku yang lain yang disifatkan sebagai satu salah laku serius oleh Lembaga Peperiksaan. Calon yang disabitkan dengan mana-mana salah laku boleh dikenakan tindakan berikut:-

ii.   keputusan peperiksaan mana-mana kertas peperiksaan dibatalkan;
iii.   keputusan peperiksaan yang dikendalikan di sesuatu pusat peperiksaan diisytiharkan terbatal.

Lastly, I want to say that it's a shame that good-looking candidates tried to cheat. Those good looks mean nothing with ugly heart and personality.


Thursday, 15 November 2018

[REVIEW] L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum

To me, L'Occitane is a luxury brand, which I thought I would need to think over and over if I were to buy.

Remember my post which I mentioned that I was so packed
Honestly, never have I thought that teaching both Form 3 and Form 5 would be so stressful. With meetings to attend, workshops to run, intensive classes to give, the list seems to never meet its end. I remember feeling so lethargic that I had dark circles under my eyes, and the wrinkles somehow got clearer. It felt awful standing in front of the mirror, and I couldn't help but to notice how dull I looked. I thought to myself, "there's no way for me to look like an old hag at this age." Just then, I received two sample sachets of the L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum (thank you Hermo!). Well, I actually kept it for a week or two before actually using them. It's a luxury brand thingy after all, I wouldn't want to use up so quickly lol.

If you have been keeping up with me, you would surely know that I have oily skin. If I top my oily skin with something with oil, I might look even worse. It was one of the reasons I did not start trying the samples. Why would I risk my face for something I might regret using? Them I remembered reading Jun's tweet saying that the L'Occitane products she used are amazing (Jun was one of the  senior cosplayers). I guess there was where my courage came from, and I finally opened a sachet to try. This product claims to reset the skin. So, okay, fingers crossed. Hopefully my face would not become worse.

I followed the instructions, and gently massaged my cheeks. The game changed.
I can't forget how the scent made me feel. With the stress I had, the scent was so soothing and calming, I could almost not believe it! As silly as this might sound, but I must admit that I smiled when I used it. I felt so relaxed while waiting for the serum to be absorbed into the skin of my face. To my surprise, it absorbed really quickly, and did not leave any sticky feeling at all! "What an amazing experience!", I thought to myself. I would really love to use this Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum again!

After using the Immortelle Reset for several days, my skin has become more radiant. Maybe it really did reset my skin after all. Albeit I only tried the serum from a sample-size sachet, but I no longer look dull, stressed or wrinkly like before. Since I can actually see and feel the differences before and after using, I decided to purchase a full-size bottle for myself.

And I did.

I bought one as a birthday present for myself in October, and it is definitely a great investment. I still attend meetings and give intensive classes to the Form 5, but I still look stunning! I'm so glad to have tried it. This Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum is definitely a must-have item! I still think of L'Occitane as a luxury brand, but I believe that it is worth buying.

See those stuff in the Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum? They are the 3000 golden bubbles that release the immortelle flower essential oil. With the iconic powerful antioxidant, they help to boost the collagen production, assisting in skin renewal and radiance. Safe ingredient, aye~

Another natural ingredient is the extract from acmella oleacera flower, which is able to relax the muscle underneath the skin. This ingredient explains a lot why I feel so relaxed even under stress! With relaxed muscles on your face, wrinkles won't come so soon! If you Google this flower, you'll be surprised to find out that it is actually a natural alternative to botox!

The third key ingredient, which I feel is an ingredient that I love, is the marjoram extract. The resetting ability comes from this flower extract. What it does is it promotes natural aging whereby restricting your skin from reacting to any external factors such as stress or pollution. Phew~!

My only complain is that the Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum comes in a 30ml bottle. I wish it came in a bigger size~

[REVIEW] COSÉRA (by GenLife) Berries Ceramide Drink

Yet another product on hydration and moisturising.

Berries, as we know, are an excellent source of vitamins C, A and E. With the skin whitening agent in them, the COSÉRA Berries Ceramide Drink is able to reduce the melanin production underneath our skin, thus brighten and even our skin complexion. No doubt, our skin will glow in no time! Moreover, the high antioxidant properties in the berries are also able to combat the first signs of aging

Subsequently, firm and tighten our skin. With all the benefits of berries, they can help repair damaged skin due to UV, and of course, improve our eyesight.

Another ingredient is the prebiotics (which can be found in culture drinks such as Yakult), whereby they support the growth of healthy bacteria in our digestive tract, ensuring a well-protected immune system and general health. Therefore, it is recommended to drink the COSÉRA Berries Ceramide Drink on a daily basis.

This beauty drink also contains collagen which improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and boosts skin moisture. Hence the tagline "the key to hydration for youthful-looking skin".

With all the goodness packed in one sachet, there is actually no need to worry because the founder, GenLife, is against the use of preservatives, chemicals, hormones, sugars, artificial flavouring and also artificial colouring. No one can ever imagine shoving these harmful substances down the throat.

The COSÉRA Berries Ceramide Drink, it is best served chilled and consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, or just before bedtime. It is suitable for anyone who wants to have healthy, beauty skin, regardless of gender and skin type~  Very consumer-friendly~

The COSÉRA Berries Ceramide Drink should be consumed continuously for all the remarkable benefits and results it holds including

  • deep hydration & moisture (16X higher performance than HA)
  • brightening & whitening
  • anti-aging & anti-wrinkles
  • age frozen & youth lock
  • repair & rejuvenate
  • firming & lifting
  • anti-inflammatory
  • improve eye health & vision
  • powerful antioxidant
  • strengthen immunity
  • improve cellular metabolism & inner body health

GenLife has officially launched the COSÉRA Berries Ceramide Drink today and currently doing a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion for the first 100 buyers. Get your hands on one from GenLife's website over here

Happy to be able to try this drink before it's available to public~ Bahahah


Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Class Party

Aye, with my Form 3 class.
Their PT3 was finally over, and the school promised them interesting activities, including field trips. Well, let's just laugh about that.

Being the form teacher, I told them about a brief report of the class fund. With a balance of mere RM 24, we all wondered what to do with the money. I was unable to return the money since the list of fund collection was long gone, and no one remembered who paid or who did not. Then, a few of them came up with the idea of organising a class party.

Funny enough to say that some of them were so bold to ask for sponsorship from the teachers who teach them this year, but I'm proud to say that they collected adequate money to get things done.

I helped them buy whatever necessary things I could, and prepared the invitation cards. And by the way, the party was held on the same day as my birthday, so it was a 2-in-1 party.

Some of the organising committee members~

My favourite candid photo

The party started at 11 AM, but other teachers were a bit late. And my youth can't wait, so..

Of course, we carried on, because time waits for no one.

I only captured photos and recorded videos until this point. When it was time to feast, I did not touch my gadgets lol
I made a video out of what I had, of course.

I think I can say that it was probably one of the best days ever since I started teaching.


Sunday, 30 September 2018

Packed @@

I have been soooooooo busy @@
I teach the 15s and 17s this year, and they will sit for a public exam in October and November respectively. They are given intensive classes and these classes are making me so exhausted. I even went to a clinic because of my condition lol

I just wish all the busy days will be over sooner.


Sunday, 26 August 2018

The End of Summer Midterm Break~

This time around, I did not travel abroad.
I stayed at home most of the time,
and I gained weight, I believe.

Anyway, I am not over my trip to Okinawa yet!

My SO has been busy with his new work, and I miss his family too. His grandmother is ill, and I hope to visit her. 
I sure hope to go there again soon.

And I miss savouring Taco Rice.

Next holidays will be the short-term only, and there's another one-week break in early November. Till then, I have to go all out with my students who are sitting for their public exams.


Sunday, 12 August 2018

[REVIEW] Red Ruby of Ayer Tawar's Red Wine Mi Sua

So, I just happened to have to conduct a workshop for students in Ayer Tawar. It was a two-hour slot, and mind you, I'm not the kind who would travel far just to do something that won't take up much time. After the workshop, I was like, heck yeah I'm free and it's a weekend, I might as well look for something worth this trip

Knowing Ayer Tawar has this famous shop known for its red wine mi sua, so yeah. Why not? Google and Waze helped and we arrived - My mom and I. I know mom wanted to try it very much.

Supposed Red Ruby has a reputation in Ayer Tawar since it's at the top of the search result. But
Now, onto my thoughts;

There were two Red Rubys on the same row. One at the corner, open-air kind of restaurant. The other one was just a few shops away, air-conditioned. We obviously chose the latter. Warm weather sucks. 

Well I guess they weren't expecting customers?? The air-cons were all off. So, the moment we stepped in, it was warm and stuffy. They only switched on the air-con near us after we quickly seated ourselves.

We were also greeted by flies. Disgusting.

Anyway, we ordered a pot of tea, it arrived about 5 minutes later.
As for the red wine mi sua, it arrived about 15 minutes later
The waitress was attentive and fast, by the way.

It's either my mom and I are small portion eater, or the people here eat a lot. Because the portion for two was really big, mom reckoned it would feed four, actually.

There's something lacking in the dish, though. Mom said that it would have tasted better if more wine was added.

The toilet was a horror to me, tho. It's a shared toilet, and the smell was not pleasant. The tissue roll was also noticeably once wet but already left dried to be used again.

Overall experience

Ample, actually. Just that it's not under the shade, but it's not a big problem.

Environment & Comfort
Only one star, due to the air-con, flies, and toilet.

It did not leave us a positive or memorable impact.

For the pot of tea, and super big portion for two, it was only about RM 16. 

For being fast, and attentive. But the waitress only took orders, and that was it. When another customer came, she suggested various dishes. It could have been an unfair treatment, but I wouldn't mind much since mom and I only wanted to try the red wine mi sua and nothing else.

Will I dine here again?