Friday, 1 February 2019

[REVIEW] DE WAX HAUS - Laser Hair Removal : Second Treatment

I just had my laser hair removal treatment from De Wax Haus last weekend.
Overall, I shaved thrice within the first ten days after my first treatment,
and never touched the shaver again
Most armpit hair that were initially thick has become a lot finer, and there were several spots which several strands of hair still appear thick.
However, I would say that about 87% of both my armpit hairs
are not noticeable from far.

The preparation corner

This time – my second treatment – I held my breath during the Brazilian laser treatment, so as to mentally prepare myself for the shocking sensation from the laser apparatus. I think I didn't flinch this time ahahahah

During my first treatment in December, I told the staff that I would start paying in December itself but I never did.  I still feel bad about it, and can't deny the year end and new year sales everywhere.
I was glad that the staff told me that when I come again in January, I will still be entitled the promotional price she quoted for me because that was what she promised me.

However, the staff who quoted the price was not around that day and my consultant gave her a call to confirm the package I wanted to sign up for.

I went to capture some photos in the shop~

A few minutes later, my consultant came to me and suggested me
a current promotion which she said is more reasonable.
After some thorough explanation, I agreed to sign up.

Chinese New Year deco~

I later found out that De Wax Haus does run promotions from time to time and they are worth signing up for. The normal packages are affordable enough, but the promotions are better and reasonable, it seems~
Since I do see and experience the improvement, I sure recommend going for laser hair removal~ It is not wrong to compare prices, but for me 
De Wax Haus has relatively great deals of packages and prices~


Tuesday, 29 January 2019


R.O. : Can you play badminton?
Me: Hmm, so-so. I guess I can.
R.O. : But you can't play table tennis, can you?
Me: Yes, that's right.
R.O : What a lousy Chinese for not knowing how to play table tennis.

That was what I went through yesterday.
I didn't know that I must at least know how to play table tennis as a Chinese.

By the way, R.O. is the Senior Assistant of Co-curricular in the school I teach. I also cannot forget how he always gives me pressure and tells me to make sure my drama team gets crowned as the champion. And I sure cannot forget how he invited only champions of other competitions to have a barbecue night and ignores non-champions, as if the sole purpose of competition is to get the first place, and never about learning, gaining experience, having fun, creating bonds.


Monday, 28 January 2019

[REVIEW] De Wax Haus - Laser Hair Removal

I've been itching to get some body hair removed.
Some time ago, I did some research on which salons to go to,
but I was still poor back then lol
Then, I became so determined in December 2018 and did research again.
I came up with several salons.

The (maybe) famous MUSEE Platinum was in my top list. WAS.
The promotions were attractive at least to me, so I contacted this salon.
They took days to reply. When they did, they were not able to answer my questions and KEPT insisting me to go to their salons for further inquiries

Oh, sure. Maybe they thought everyone lives within 1 km radius from their salons. haha.

MUSEE Platinum
Immediately out of the list.

There were a few other salons I came across, some are a bit far and located at places I'm not familiar with.

Then, I came across The L***S**** Clinic.
This clinic uses the latest hair removal machine known as the
Candela GentleMax Pro Laser.
The staff who texted me told me that it is more advanced than the typical IPL.

I was totally up for it.
One session costs RM 500 for Brazilian.

I scheduled my appointment.
I did not know why, but I was still searching for salons which offer laser hair removal treatment.

Then, I came across another salon known as the De Wax Haus
It has a promotion going on, from what I saw on their Instagram post.

Oh, what?
De Wax Haus offers Brazilian for RM 107?
The L***S**** Clinic offers the same for RM 500.

Me, being a typical Malaysian,
I canceled my appointment with The L***S**** Clinic. I know it was unprofessional to cancel a scheduled appointment, but I do not want to spend a lot for the same result. Imagine the price difference if I signed up any package.

I scheduled an appointment for laser underarms hair removal.
Every month for many years, I tweezed the hair out. 
On my early teen days, I used shavers
and in-between I used shaving cream
Then, I recalled how I tweezed hair at the Brazilian spots. I started doing it in mid 2017. 
To me, tweezing out is not painful since I'm used to it.
What is painful is how I have to bend all the way down to tweeze.
My neck hurts very much.
After thinking for a bit, I requested to have laser hair removal treatment for Brazilian too.

Upon reaching De Wax Haus, I was immediately greeted by a friendly staff at the counter. She served me a cute cup of tea and handed me a form to have my particulars filled in.
If my tea-tongue did not fail me, I believe it's chamomile tea.

Once the form and some brief Q&A were done, she asked me if I wanted to go to the ladies'. I did not, so I was all ready for the treatment. 
Another staff, who is my consultant guided me to a treatment room.

What I see upon entering

Here is a Mini Corner where I can put my belongings and clothes

The preparation corner?

The apparatus for laser type of treatment

I was given a mint robe to change into, as well as sanitary wipe.
A few minutes later, the consultant knocked and asked if I was ready.
Green light.
She came in, and we're good to begin.

I start to think that it's their SOP to chat with customers to distract them from feeling nervous the first time. My consultant did an amazing job and she was really kind.

First thing first, get my hair removed.
I'll explain later on this.

Next, she applied cool gel using a spatula on the treatment area.
So cool, so nice.

And laser away~
Description of the sensation?
Imagine getting small section of skin pinched using finger nails.
Pinch hard, in a split second.
Or, imagine being electrocuted for that split second.
That kind of sensation.
There was a slight pain, but completely bearable.
Frankly, I wish the process would be over ASAP lol

The staff wiped off the gel after that, and applied moisturing lotion.
Total time for both underarms: 10 ~ 15 minutes

Then, it was time for Brazilian.
No photos lmao.

What's in front of the treatment bed

Since Brazilian spots are sensitive spots, there was more sensation especially at spots with fine hair. I think I flinched a few times.

 The total time for both underarms and Brazilian was about 45 minutes.

Christmas decoration

And out of the room I went.
The staff was nice to explain to me the packages they offer and suggested the payment plans when I asked.
I thought of signing up but I wanted to wait for payday lol
The staff understood and allowed me to make the payment whenever I'm ready.
That's great! I could tell that the staff is not a pushy or hard seller.

Tidbits on this small table are free ahahahha 

Inside De Wax Haus

Photography corners

Another small Christmas corner

My consultant reminded me it is best not to tweeze my hair at least 3 weeks prior to the treatment, as the laser targets the roots of hair. If I tweezed, there will be no root and the treatment may be ineffective.

Avoid these for 3 days:
  1. No tight undies
  2. No abrasive actions (eg. gym, swim, sex)
  3. No sauna

  1. Apply moisturising lotion on treated spots
  2. Only shave to get rid of hair
  3. Hair may fall on the 7th day.

For note #3, I waited for the hair to fall but nothing happened lol. 

From the 1st to the 7th day, my hair was growing at a normal pace
and I shaved twice because the short hair irked me.

On the 9th day, I think, I noticed that the hair growth has slowed down.

Only on the 12th day, I tried pulling lightly my underarm hair.
Some hair fell effortlessly! I was amazed and it was interesting lol
Only fine to moderately medium hair fell, and thicker ones remain.


RM 2 rebate for customers who came using Grab, or show a picture of your car parked outside.
Free 1 hour parking for customer who came driving.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Never have I encountered such being in my entire life.
Here's what to know:

In regard to an incident happened in late November 2018, where a promoter was verbally and sexually harassed by a triggered man,
I decided to voice my opinion through video, and uploaded it on my channel.
On the third or fourth day when the incident had finally come to an end,
I created a follow-up video and announced that I would disable the comment function on the opinion video. As everyone wishes to put an end to it, I must not allow further discussion on that video. Since it was my first time using the disable comment function, I found out that not only users would not be able to comment, but also read. LOL.
I thought everyone could read, just not comment.
Anyway, the incident has become a past. Everyone moves on.

Here's the opinion video, solely my opinion.

Here's the follow-up video, which intents to end.

As things cooled down, people get on with their lives and weeks passed by,
out of the blue, a user popped out and left a comment. I'll address the user as "it".

My response is exactly like what I wrote.
I don't see any other users left any comment relating to attention, and thought maybe it commented without watching the opinion video. 

Here, I really don't see why it commented twice, with a few hours apart, when I ignored it. Instead of me fishing for its attention which I don't feel the need to, it is clear to me that it was the one fishing for my reply. I don't see the need to even leave any comment related to the incident since everyone wishes to end it, hence I asked if it was updated with the news because it appeared to me that it was not.

asking a general question = a bait for fishing for attention.
It made me laughed, but it was somewhat triggered.

First, I was like whoahhh what's with the idiot?
Summarising its response, it said that
  1. I said that the promoter does not want to reveal herself or seek any further attention;
  2. I mentioned in the video/description that the promoter does not want to elaborate more and let it go in the video, so people would stop finding her name;
  3. I stupidly announce her name to everyone;
  4. It will help share my videos.

Pictured above is my reply. I thanked it for the "idiot" compliment. Well, the facts that it
  1. Suddenly bringing the issue up again when no one talked about it;
  2. Ignored the fact all parties do not wish to expand the case, so just close the case;
  3. Double commented when I did not reply but claimed that I was "waiting and fishing" for attention;
  4. Wrote the promoter's name;
  5. Shared the video; and
  6. Left lengthy reply to a row of same emojis.

said a lot about its mentality and personality.
See how #5 completely ignores #1 and #2
If they do not tell that it was the one attempting to "fish for attention", then I don't know what they tell.

Since it said that I mentioned in the video the statement "so that people would stop finding her name", I actually do not recall saying that and I went to listen and opened the subtitle to read.
Nope, I don't hear myself saying that in my video.

Accusation as its best.

See how it claimed that it has shared my video with a particular race's communities and forums?

I thought it was very clear that all parties want to put an end.

It said "Enjoy" for "receiving quite a response," but how to enjoy without the links? Seems like it is not smart after all. 
The move of raising sensitive issue is already a backward move, and I wished it enjoyed getting the notifications it wanted.

That was the last reply since I have no interest in interacting with it.

It continued to comment.
This time, bringing up an old story again, just like what it was doing all the time - bringing up old incident when no one talked about it.
Not only that, it even left a comment on an old video.

Well, there are two types of users.
By the way, I didn't know that makeup functions as a turn on tool.

Its attention shifted to my other subscriber, who is my student. Clearly underage.
In the picture above, it said that it does not "think anyone is interested in" my student "or to engage" with my student "long enough", and "also not interested with" my student.

Then again, it was the one engaging with my student
Isn't it ironic?

This was among my last comment screenshots, but the comments went on.
Here are the Gmail screenshots from my student.

I don't think any grown ups would see this as a safe zone, especially with a user who harasses underage child. 

I won't deny that my student did use foul language and it is wrong.

Here, it said that my student commented multiple times when he could just leave all thoughts in one comment.
I find this self-contradicting because it also did the same thing
when I did not reply.

The sexual and verbal harassment continued
I regretted not reporting to the police for harming an underage child.

Suddenly, on the 20th December, it commented and mentioned me, asking me if I wanted to make an explanation video for another incident.

It was lovely to think of me, but what was there to explain?
As of that time, I have no idea what the its motive was. 

This was its reply.


On the 22nd December, 
my student reported to me that it has deleted its comments.
It gave me a sigh of relief to see my channel clean again.
The trash took itself out, of course it made me happy.

Its comment notifications are still there.


That was a great way to end 2018 and to begin 2019
But it came back
and commented on my Q&A video, which was latest video back then.

Honestly, really thankful that it noticed the pimple which was almost never in the frame of the video. What keen eyes it has, eh?
Anyway, yeah, it paraphrased my words, summarised part of my video and deserved a cookie about the channel is for fun
Very attentive and indeed paid attention this time. 👍

It harassed my student again.
It also said that I would be surprised to find out who it is
so I was really interested to know who it is.
I sure would like to know who is the one behind such a name and leaving remarks and harassment everywhere but evaded the questions of revealing itself every time when my student asked.

As I have already expected, 
it would surely give excuse and would never reveal itself. 
It did expose itself as a parasite on my channel, though.
I lost interest.

A question answered by the one who asked, 
much akin to the trash took itself out situation.
And, oh god.
It was still touching about the past incident and still throwing accusations, assuming that it is righteous.

What lengthy comment to my last reply. It was funny to me, 
and glad that it finally left my student alone.


Perhaps this is the kind of attention it wanted, 
so it is featured on my blog now. Hope that it is happy~

Here are some reminders for everyone reading this~

  • You may use the report or flag button as long as it works. However, if you feel that your safety, or the safety of  anyone you know is in a threatening situation, please lodge a report to the nearest authority. No one wants to see anyone falls victim to any form of harassment.
  • The Freedom of Speech  does not include hate speeches. Spread good vibes, speak good words. There are methods to channel negativity away that don't include giving negative remarks to others. Look them up if you need to, and remember to help channel away from others.
  • Instead of being a warrior or some defender behind the keyboard using an incognito pseudonym, man up and confront directly like a grown up. Misunderstandings often happen due to lack of communication. Thus, proper and/or direct communication is essential.
  • If you do not favour what you see or watch on the Internet, you can always ignore it. However, if it posts threat to others, then report it.
  • Same old words: if your actions do more harm than good, don't do it.
  • Think before you speak, or act. In order to avoid being a hypocrite and not noticing that you are contradicting yourself, please analyse the situation and consider all possible existing factors.
  • In the cases of self-contradicting person, donate a mirror to the said person.


Friday, 11 January 2019


Yes, it's the end of Week 2,
and I have not felt any stress from teaching yet.
Indeed strange.
I hope this continues.
Please, no surprise or accumulate stress then 
on my shoulders.


Thursday, 3 January 2019

[REVIEW] LÚCIDO-L Designing Tube Hair Cream (Moist)

I once blogged about how frizzy my hair is, and it wasn't until
my aunt pointed it out when she came for a visit.

Now, I am not that loaded to go to the salon weekly to get my hair treated.
So I treated my hair using conditioner, serum and hair oil at home.
They were nice to use but when you are just busy and have almost no time for your hair, you somehow lose the determination to care for your hair, and everything becomes a hassle.

When someone touches my hair without my consent and comments how rough and dry my hair is as if I asked for any opinion, it annoys me,
to a point where I don't care anymore if anyone touches it and gives negative remark.
At that point, I only use hair oil to treat my hair. It improves the condition of hair slightly.
I have given up conditioner since it consumes time and my youth can't wait lol

Not too long ago, I was searching for hair product on Hermo and I came across this
LÚCIDO-L Designing Tube Hair Cream (Moist)
There was only one review, and it's a positive one,
and the price stated was about RM 16.
"How cheap it was," I thought.
Also, it's a leave-on conditioner, and can be used on damp or dry hair!
So, I can use this after using the hair oil which I use when my hair's damp and not completely dry. Since there's no need to rinse,
I think it's really convenient!
Considering how my hair looked like,

I took this shot for another review purpose back in September 2018

I thought,
Even if the product wasn't effective,
there's nothing to lose with such cheap price.
Although it will be a waste of money, it would be way better than
spending nearly a hundred for a similar result

Then, I went to Watsons, and I found it on the shelf.
It was on sale and costed about RM 12.
What a steal!
I bought it right there and then.

What to know about this product?
- Specially designed for damaged and frizzy unruly hair
- Non-sticky
- Moisturises hair ends
- Able to run fingers through hair easily
- With UV protection formula
- Contains Hyaluronic Acid
- Long-lasting moisturising touch
- For a well-managed look
- Usable on both wet and dry hair style

+1 for
Nominated #3 best under the Hairwork category in 2017 by @cosme
(almost got myself sold due to the @cosme award)

How to use this?
Disperse some* cream on your palm and spread evenly on your hair.
(*1 cm amount would suffice for medium length hair)
The amount between 1 cm and 1.5 cm is just right for my medium-long length hair. I always spread the cream from about mid-ear down to the end and avoid starting from my scalp.

Does it really do what it claims to do?

Non-sticky and able to run fingers through hair easily

I miss having smooth hair and I kept running my fingers through my hair ahhah but when I touch my hair a bit too often, my fingers do become slightly sticky. I think it's because of the heat or warmth of my fingers. Overall, it does what it says so it deserves full stars!

Long-lasting moisturising touch

On the third day of using, I can already feel that it will mend my hair well and improve my hair condition. After using for some time, I notice that it is capable to keep my hair moisturised for more than 32 hours or until my next usage on damp hair!

Usable on both wet and dry hair style, 
for a well-managed look

When it says wet, of course it means when there's no water dripping anymore and pretty sure it actually meant damp hair.
I always use the hair cream after my hair oil on days I wash my hair. I think both make a great combination! My hair looks straighter too~
Whereas on days I don't wash my hair, whenever I feel the need to make my hair look better, I just use the hair cream just like that, and voila~ The end of my hair becomes tidier and not messy~
Therefore, LÚCIDO-L Designing Tube Hair Cream (Moist) really stays true to its claims.

Contains HA and UV Protection formula
I am unable to give my views on this ()

Any drawback?
My only complain is that it makes the hair straight and the hair cream is unable to volumise my hair. Well, any hair curler will fix this issue since the hair cream is able to also protect the hair from heat damage~

This is the condition of my hair after using for almost a month

End of December 2018

Compared to before using the hair cream, I think my hair condition has improved significantly and I am very pleased with LÚCIDO-L Designing Tube Hair Cream (Moist).
My favourite aspect is how much time it saves me as I could be very busy. Other than that, with such cheap price for a great result and performance, it is definitely worth buying.

Without a doubt, I will definitely repurchase this!